God has moved

Without movement there is no life! If there is no life in what you are doing, it means that God has moved and it is time for you to move too! Stop beating your brain, trying to imitate God, doing the same things God used to do years ago! God has a fresh anointing for you. God doesn’t want you to draw from the touch you experienced ten, twenty or thirty years ago. God wants you to allow Him to touch you today!

What gave strength to the Early church is that God had moved! If you walked with God yesterday, but not today, you can touch only the people from yesterday, but not from today! If God is focusing on one thing, and we- on another, then we won’t be able to see what God is doing today!

If you walked with God yesterday, but not today, you can touch only the people from yesterday, but not from today!

God has fresh revelation for you today!
God has fresh anointing for you today!
God has fresh vision for you today!
God always has something fresh!

In order to reach the next thing God has for you, you always go through oppression and attacks, in order to get to the humility. Oppression means growth! It means pursuit! Everything the devil is sending to you God will use it as a step forward! Be careful to be where God wants you to be, because if you are not attacked because of Jesus, then you are oppressed because of disobedience.

And after a while the brook dried up, because there was no rain in the land. 8 Then the word of the Lord came to him, 9 “Arise, go to Zarephath, which belongs to Sidon, and dwell there. Behold, I have commanded a widow there to feed you.” (1 Kings 17:7-9)

If the supernatural in your life has stopped, then God wants you to move to another place. Another place where you will have fresh provision. In order to move to the next thing God has for you, you always go through something that contributes for the building of your character. It is not easy to go to a widow and ask her “Did God spoke to you about me?”

God is always ready to give you freshness. You are the one who has to want it! In the wilderness God was teaching Israel that He is the One providing for them; that it won’t be natural, that they can’t save their manna and keep it for the next day. Because on the next day He had something new!

Maksim Asenov & Teodora Asenova
Maksim Asenov & Teodora Asenova

Never underestimate the power of the fresh word! It is very convenient to stay at the words that God spoke to you before and nod, watching the movement today, but the truth is that God is moving!

God said to Abraham to bring Isaac as an offering and Abraham obeyed. But if Abraham hadn’t have heard the fresh word “Do not lay hand on the boy!”, he was about to sacrifice the son of the promise! He was about to do it in the delusion that he was obedient, but actually he wouldn’t be. God always has something fresh!

It is time for the Church to recognize the season she’s in and understand that God has moved!

Maksim Asenov
Sofia, Bulgarien


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